Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Naked City

We've had a lot of fun since the snow melted and we've been able to get out and about again. Of course, right now instead of snow there is rain, and massive amounts which is flooding pretty much every river ever, but that's another story, maybe I'll get some pictures.

Anyway, some of Andy's buddies were in town all at once for the holidays, so it was a great chance to get together and see everybody. I didn't get a ton of pictures because I hate using flash and I always seemed to be under low light conditions, but I did get Andy with Aaron Burch and his beautiful girlfriend Elizabeth. Aaron is one of Andy's buddies who is right now getting his masters and runs a writing journal called Hobart Pulp. They are both very cool people and it was good to see them. One night we got together at a bar in Seattle and the next day we got together with everyone else who couldn't make it for lunch. So we got to see Brad and Heather, Wes and Megan, Aaron and Elizabeth and her daughter Andie(sp?). It was a bad photography day, but let me just say that it was really fun.

So it was one night not long after Christmas that we went up to Greenwood in Seattle to meet up with everybody at Naked City Taphouse, which is a bar that one of Andy's friends, Donald, opened just a few months ago. I really liked the place, it was the first time we'd been up there. Naked City is a film noir reference, and yes they've heard every nudity joke before. And it just so happens that Andy made the logo they're using! Which I've heard has been a real success. There's shirts and everything with the mysterious man in shadows with the sweet hat.

They're working on putting their own brewery together in their back rooms, which will be great given how the stout they made tastes. They're more focused on beer, and have a wide selection of beer from local breweries. The selection is always changing, and whenever one tap goes out, another keg takes its place. They have some bar food, though the focus is the beer, but what's nice is that with the absence of a deep fryer, you get much more unique and delicious things like giant soft pretzels and cheeeese.

Definitely a place to check out if you're ever in Seattle. So I hope everyone else is having a good start to their new year. We're having a strange start. Rothko somehow got giardia? He's on some medication now and it should go away easily, but everyone, including our vet, is baffled as to how he got that. He's feeling fine now. The punk. Grunty says Happy New Year!

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Anonymous said...

Love Naked City's logo. And their web site is outstanding.
Rothko is a very strange cat. But still very cute!