Thursday, May 20, 2010

Remy and V

I didn't actually mean for this blog to become all about my cats. I mean, it's supposed to have more bird stuff in it. I haven't blogged since December, which is lame, because a lot of stuff has happened and will be happening, so I better get started!

Out new boys are Rembrandt and Vermeer, aliases "Remy" and "V" or "big guy" and "little guy." We adopted them from the Genevieve G. Animal Advocacy group, a local non-profit no-kill group that turns out is run by one of my brother's good friends, and they do a fantastic job. These two are brothers, from a litter of 8, plus 6 more kittens that suckled with their mom at the same time. At one point the mom had 14 babies at once.

The first night we brought them home we did not get much sleep, as Remy cried the entire night. After that, though, they got more comfortable. It was really the first time away from their parents and sooo many siblings.

Remy is easy-going, friendly, lazy and bumbling, he's a grey tabby and he is still growing. He is going to be a giant. And he can get into absolutely anything. Anywhere.

Vermeer is pretty small, and quiet, and even though he and his brother are the same age he is about half the size. He's runty, and very shy, and very sweet. He takes a while to warm up to people. He's a silver tabby, and looks very similar to his mom. Even with how runty he is, he can definitely hold his own against his big brother. It's also difficult to get pictures of him.

That's all for now!